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Post Form – Registration Form – Profile Form for User Profiles – Frontend Content Forms for User Submissions (UGC)

Post Form – Registration Form – Profile Form for User Profiles – Frontend Content Forms for User Submissions (UGC)


Manage your WordPress content effortlessly with BuddyForms, a plugin that simplifies form creation and content management.

With BuddyForms, you can:

Create Post Forms

BuddyForms makes creating and managing post forms simple. Build and customize your forms to meet your needs.

Generate Registration Forms

Design your own registration processes with our registration form feature. It’s efficient, customizable, and easy to use.

Craft Profile Forms

Create profile forms tailored to your users. BuddyForms offers a robust solution for crafting and managing these forms.

Manage Content Forms

Streamline your content creation process with our content forms. Handle blog posts, articles, or any other content type.

Facilitate File Uploads

With BuddyForms, attaching files, images, or any other media to your forms is effortless.

BuddyForms is a comprehensive solution for WordPress form creation and management. If you need to build post forms, registration forms, profile forms, or other content forms, BuddyForms is your go-to tool.

Full Gutenberg Support

Embed Forms

Embed any BuddyForms Form as Gutenberg Block. Just select the form you like to embed in the block sidebar.

List Submissions

You can list form submissions form any form and post type. Filter post lists by author or only display posts from the logged in user. Use the options in the Block sidebar.

Embed Navigation

Link to form endpoints or user posts lists for every post form with an attached page to create and edit submissions. You can select the attached page under the “Edit Submissions” tab in the Form Builder.

Login/ Logout Form

Display a login form or a logout button if the user is logged in.


Display a Form

Use this shortcode if you wanna show a form on frontend.

[bf form_slug=”YOUR-FORM-SLUG”]

Display Submissions

Use this shortcode if you wanna show a list of entries belonging to a Form.
The attribute “list_posts_style” is optional and its possible values are “table” or “list”

[bf_posts_list form_slug=”YOUR-FORM-SLUG” list_posts_style=””]

Link to Form

This shortcode will create a link to the form for creating or editing submissions.
The attribute “label” is optional (the default value is “Add New”).

[bf_link_to_form form_slug=”YOUR-FORM-SLUG” label=””]

Link to User Posts

For logged-in users you can use the following shortcode to display their submissions.
The attribute “label” is optional (the default value is “View”).

[bf_link_to_user_posts form_slug=”YOUR-FORM-SLUG” label=””]

User Posts List

For logged-in users you can use the following shortcode to display a list of posts.

[bf_user_posts_list form_slug=”YOUR-FORM-SLUG”]

Easily submit posts and images directly from the front end of your site.

1. Contact Forms

  • Create Custom Contact Forms for your Brand and Business in Minutes
  • Prevent users from submitting false data by setting custom validation rules on your forms

2. User Registration Forms

  • Overwrite and customize the WordPress Registration Form.
  • Redirect to a Custom Registration Page
  • Redirect your users to a custom location page or form if they click the activation link.
  • Combine Registration and Post forms and redirect your user to the Post Form after Registration.

2. Post Forms – Frontend submission

  • Let users save drafts and let them work on their edits before they send them to moderation
  • Define the Permission for a user role and grant create edit and delete rights
  • Define Moderators to manage submissions from the front end’

Deeply Tested Solutions Built with BuddyForms you can Trust and rely on.

Guest Posts Submission Management in WordPress

Enable Guest Posts Submission Management with Full Moderation from the Front End for Any WordPress Site and Theme.
Guest Post Management

Display Your Website Data Anywhere You Choose

Make all information submitted through a form easily accessible from wherever you like.
Display Form Submission Data

Publishing Content in BuddyPress & BuddyBoss Made Easy.

Enable your users to create content and bring your community to life. Easy Front-End Blogging with BuddyPress and BuddyForms!+
Posting Content in BuddyPress and BuddyBoss

More Supported Solutions. BuddyForms Solutions

Form Builder Features

  • Drag and Drop Forms Builder
  • Form Designer to Layout your forms with options and custom css
  • Form Grid to sort form elements in a grid
  • Submission Manager. Find All Forms and there submissions in one place. Post Forms, Registration Forms and Contact Forms

User Submitted Content

  • Ideal for guest posts. Let your user submit the content. User-generated content is an easy and effective way to get unique content on your site.
  • Frontend-generated content made possible with Endpoints and ShortCodes for easy access
  • All the tools you need to manage guest posts, Full frontend Moderation Controles and Frontend Post Management

Supported Frontend Forms

  • Post Form
  • User Registration
  • Contact Form
  • Content Form for any Post Type
  • User profile form
  • Image Upload Form
  • Media Upload Form
  • File upload of any kind (restrict to specific file types)
  • Mixed Custom Post Type and Registration Form
  • Post meta form
  • User meta form
  • Profile form for WordPress user data
  • Author forms for WordPress author data like Bio
  • Change password form
  • Frontend submission

Free Field Types

Contact Fields

  • Subject
  • Message
  • User Fields
  • Username
  • User email
  • User First Name
  • User Last Name
  • Password
  • Website
  • About / Bio
  • Date
  • Captcha

Post Fields

  • Title
  • Content
  • Category
  • Tags
  • Text, Textarea
  • Number
  • Dropdown, Select
  • Radiobutton
  • Checkbox

Pro Field Types

  • Taxonomy
  • Post Formats
  • Comments
  • Post Status
  • Featured Image
  • File
  • Hidden
  • HTML
  • Date
  • More Fields available by Add-Ons!

Your Data Protection is Our Priority

Buddyform is a Full GDPR compliant WordPress Form Builder.

You get Privacy by Design

With Buddyform, you are the boss of your data and we’ve made it our major priority that you store data on your own server fully WordPress-compliant.

Easy to navigate and User-friendly interface.

  • Easily embed forms anywhere on your website with just shortcodes by blocks or code.
  • Create registration funnels and ask to create a password after clicking on the activation link.
  • Create forms for any kind of user-generated content.
  • Easily define what happens after a user submits content (display a submission message, display the page content, redirect to a specific URL)
  • Enable/Disable comments related to the submitted content, Frontend Revision for users
  • Overwrite the WordPress default Registration Form and Page
  • Set up email notifications to notify admins when content is submitted and also notify users when their content gets published or changes status (published, awaiting review, draft, scheduled, privately published, deleted, editing draft, awaiting moderation).

Integrate with other Plugins

  • BuddyPress/ BuddyBoss – Enable all publishing features of BuddyForms in BuddyPress
  • Ultimate Member – Submit and manage posts from your Ultimate Member Profile
  • ACF – Advanced Custom Fields – Integrate Advanced Custom Fields in your forms like native BuddyForms form elements
  • Pods
  • MailPoed
  • WooCommerce – Build your own marketplace with user-submitted products
  • WooCommerce Simple Auctions – Create and manage auctions via front end
  • HubSpot
  • Geo My WP

Search All Extensions. BuddyForms Exdtensions

List of Forms

  • Contact Forms – Collect leads and customer support data
  • Registration Forms – Sign-up users to your webpage
  • Profile Forms – Let your user update their profile information.
  • Login Forms – Grant users access to restricted content
  • Post Forms for Blog Posts – Follow your editorial schedule and keep your blog up-to-date by collecting content from different authors

List of User Examples

  • Online Directories – Crowdsource categorized data from your community
  • Showcase – Present your recent work or let clients showcase their use cases built with your product or tool
  • News Magazines – Create single articles through collaborative writing among a team of editors
  • How-to’s – Gather a learning community around you, let users share their knowledge and engage discussions on your site
  • Marketplace – Sell and purchase products from different vendors and list all the product features
  • Content Forms for any kind of user-generated content, user-submitted posts

Follow Us

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Documentation & Support

Documentation: docs.buddyforms.com

If you still get stuck somewhere, our support gets you back on the right track. You can find all help buttons in your BuddyForms Settings Panel in your WP Dashboard and the Help Center! Our goal is to help you, that’s why if you have any questions or concerns, on our website you can find all the information related to BuddyForms.


This plugin provides 5 blocks.

  • BuddyForm Form
  • BuddyForms Navigation
  • Login/logout Form
  • Password Reset Form
  • List Submissions


Upload the entire BuddyForms folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
Head to the ‘BuddyForms’ menu item in your admin sidebar


How easy is it to create a post form using BuddyForms?

Creating a post form using BuddyForms is incredibly simple. Our intuitive user interface allows you to build and customize your post forms to meet your unique requirements.

Can I customize the fields in the registration form?

Absolutely! BuddyForms allows you to fully customize your registration form fields. You can add or remove fields as needed, ensuring a seamless registration process for your users.

Is it possible to create multiple profile forms for different user roles?

Yes, with BuddyForms, you can create profile forms tailored to different user roles. Our plugin provides a robust solution for crafting and managing multiple profile forms with ease.

What types of content forms can I create with BuddyForms?

BuddyForms is versatile and allows you to create a variety of content forms. Whether you need to handle blog posts, articles, product descriptions, or any other content types, BuddyForms has got you covered.

Can users attach files to the forms?

Yes, BuddyForms supports file uploads. Users can easily attach files, images, or any other media to their forms, making BuddyForms a comprehensive solution for your form needs.

Can I create a normal Contact Form

Yes, you can create Simple Contact Forms or Complex Contact Forms with different custom fields

Can I Combine Registration Forms and Content Forms

Yes, you can add login and registration Form Elements to any form and ask your user to log in or Register during form submission.


மார்கழி 27, 2023
it shows an error when other user roles like editor, author , subscriber or any other roles except administrator tries to upload the media or attch file to it. But for admin roles its a perfect to upload any post from frontend but whats the use of plugin if it works only for admin role.
புரட்டாதி 7, 2023
too much stuff added that are pro features. if i want to buy rhe plugin i will.
பங்குனி 3, 2023
I like buddyforms very much. It is the best form-builder I have ever seen. Support is perfectly and fast.
மாசி 26, 2023 1 reply
There are very few plugins that can do what this does, let users submit information for the front end but also can keep it private. Very easy to use! I found some limitations but notified support who quickly fixed them. My only constructive feedback is for support to respond more quickly, that’s what will turn a free user into a paid one (in my case eventually I was able to communicate more directly with support through slack and believe they will be more responsive for others)
மார்கழி 4, 2022 3 replies
Great. Thank you for making this course available online. I look forward to more.
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Contributors & Developers

“Post Form – Registration Form – Profile Form for User Profiles – Frontend Content Forms for User Submissions (UGC)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“Post Form – Registration Form – Profile Form for User Profiles – Frontend Content Forms for User Submissions (UGC)” has been translated into 2 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


2.8.10 – 11 Jun 2024

  • Fixed issue with activation code.
  • Updated Freemius SDK.
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.5.4

2.8.9 – 22 Mar 2024

  • Fixed partial issue with arbitrary file download vulnerability.

2.8.8 – 06 Mar 2024

  • Improved security.
  • Fixed issue with creation of pages from submissions setup tab.

2.8.7 – 06 Feb 2024

  • Added new hook to filter custom field value.
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.4.3

2.8.6 – 18 Jan 2024

  • Fixed XSS issue.
  • Fixed arbitrary file download issue.
  • Fixed issue related with filter submissions by author.
  • Updated Freemius SDK.
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.4.2

2.8.5 – 21 Nov 2023

  • Fixed issue with some file format.

2.8.4 – 16 Nov 2023

  • Updated Freemius SDK.
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.4.1

2.8.3 – 05 Jul 2023

  • Fixed XSS vulnerability.
  • Fixed issue with an upload field and allowed formats.
  • Fixed issue with string max length validation.
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.2.2

2.8.2 – 11 May 2023

  • Fixed vulnerability issue in shortcode.

2.8.1 – 04 May 2023

  • Added a new hook to filter form html content.
  • Updated Freemius SDK.
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.2

2.8.0 – 22 Mar 2023

  • Added a new option to the Form Builder Edit Submission Settings to dynamically define the output from BuddyForms

2.7.9 – 17 Mar 2023

  • Improved phar file verification (issue found by Jesús Miguel Calderón).
  • Fixed issue with new user activation link.

2.7.8 – 11 Jan 2023

  • Fixed vulnerability with image uploaded from URL.
  • Fixed issue with swapped classes in menu items.

2.7.7 – 23 Dec 2022

  • Removed rating admin notice.
  • Removed license activation screen from the free version.
  • Fixed issue with non-existent script.
  • Added missing form element attributes.

2.7.6 – 16 Dec 2022

  • Fixed issue with post content field value.
  • Fixed issue with text area field value after submission.
  • Updated duration of the trial version.
  • Improved Go Pro screen.
  • Updated Freemius SDK.

2.7.5 – 9 Dec 2022

  • Correcting the price of BuddyForms plans in Go Pro screen.
  • Added 5 site license options in the BuddyForms bundle.
  • Correcting misspelt element description in setup meta box.

2.7.4 – 8 Dec 2022

  • Fixed issue with Custom Login extension.
  • Added new pricing screen.
  • Updated Freemius SDK.
  • Tested up with WordPress 6.1.1

2.7.3 – 18 Nov 2022

  • Fixed issue with field validation.
  • Improved forms security.
  • Tested up with WordPress 6.1

2.7.2 – 08 Sep 2022

  • Improved integration with ACF extension.
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.0.2

2.7.1 – 29 Aug 2022

  • Added automatic activation when using a bundle license.
  • Updated bundled link and popup text.

2.7.0 – 19 Jul 2022

  • Fixed issue with field validation.

2.6.15 – 19 Jul 2022

  • Fixed issue with global JS.

2.6.14 – 19 Jul 2022

  • Fixed issue with form render.

2.6.13 – 16 Jul 2022

  • Fixed issue with the required attribute.
  • Fixed issue with email notification table.

2.6.12 – 13 Jul 2022

  • Fixed issue with reCaptcha validation.
  • Fixed issue with email field validation.
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.0.1

2.6.11 – 06 Jul 2022

  • Fixed issue with Post type selection.
  • Fixed issue with form field values.

2.6.10 – 26 Jun 2022

  • Fixed vulnerability issue.

2.6.9 – 22 Jun 2022

  • Fixed security issue.

2.6.8 – 8 Jun 2022

  • Fixed vulnerability issue.

2.6.7 – 31 May 2022

  • Fixed vulnerability issue.

2.6.6 – 26 May 2022

  • Fixed issue with jQuery call.
  • Fixed issue with remote assets call.

2.6.5 – 26 May 2022

  • Fixed security issues.
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.0

2.6.4 – 17 May 2022

  • Fixed issue with phone field validation.
  • Changed format of form error message.
  • Updated readme.txt

2.6.3 – 16 Mar 2022

  • Fixed security issue.
  • Improved handling of JS variables.

2.6.2 – 11 Mar 2022

  • Fixed issue with JS variable conflict.
  • Fixed issue with forms permalinks.

2.6.1 – 24 Feb 2022

  • Changed the position of the descriptive video in the readme.txt

2.6.0 – 23 Feb 2022

  • Disabled affiliate program notices.
  • Fixed issue with taxonomies field type.
  • Added new welcome screen.
  • Tested up to WordPress 5.9

2.5.32 – 2 Dec 2021

  • Added new hook for improve forms render in frontend.
  • Updated readme.txt

2.5.31 – 10 Jul 2021

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.8
  • Fixed issue with Beta Program, now betas should be showing if the user enable the Beta Program.
  • Upated Freemius SDK.
  • Added hook to filter permalink on both the_loop and the_table templates.
  • Added redirect URL fallback if any URL is provided.
  • Added filter (hook) to customize the “Save as draft” button text.
  • Fixed issue with “Allow multiple file upload” option on the File field.
  • Added new filter (hook) to customize buddyforms login form settings.
  • Remove passive feedback.
  • Fixed CSS glitch on the Form Builder.
  • Added method to dequeue conflictive assets from third-party plugins.
  • Added paged attribute on the shortcode buddyforms_the_loop to allow set current page on the pagination.
  • Added two new filters (hooks) to the links pagination on post list.
  • Fixed compatibility issue on the Uplaod field with mp3, zip, and rar file types.
  • Fixed conflict with WPBakery on the Post Edit View at Admin.
  • Added getValues method on the Form class to get element’s values more easily.
  • Improvements on the Price field to allow price without thousands separator.
  • Added feature to allow users send notification via shortcode attribute.
  • Improvements on the Price field to allow price without prefix.
  • Added new hook “buddyforms_create_edit_form_add_element” to add or edit form fields on the Frontend.
  • Added JavaScript Hook before and after the garlic init.

2.5.30 – 17 May 2021

  • Fixed/improvement the UI on Checkbox & Radios inputs on the Front-end view of forms.
  • Fixed misleading error message shown on the Category Field in the Form Builder.
  • Fixed issue related with placeholder on select2 fields for Safari 13.x (<=).
  • Improved function to output HTML for Upload and File fields, this improvement its used by BF Hook Fields.
  • Fixed jQuery Validation on select2 fields to avoid trigger other fields validation.
  • Fixed compatibilty issue witn WP 5.7 related with Gutenberg Blocks.
  • Added Time & Date Format to the schedule option of the post_status field.
  • Removed the “Add this field to Metabox” option for the user fields.
  • Fixed to validate mime type when upload image from url is checked.
  • Added the notification feature to the registration forms.
  • Improvements to show login errors on login forms.
  • Remove unused Composer dependencies.
  • improvement on the UI for standard form fields at Front-end.
  • Fixed conflict with ACF metabox on the Form Builder.

2.5.29 – 19 Feb 2021

  • Fixed issue related with wrong server-side validation messages.
  • Fixed issue related to Content columns on submission list table (Submission Page). Some Content columns with HTML inside were breaking the layout of the table.
  • Improvement/fix the Author selector on the Submissions list page.
  • Fixed for the Password Reset shortcode. The password validation inside was broken!.
  • Fixed conflict between user website and custom fields with a slug set to “website”.
  • Deprecated buddyforms_avoid_user_fields_in_forms in favor of buddyforms_avoid_user_fields_slugs_in_forms.
  • Fixed issue related with overridden post on public submissions.
  • Changed version of select2 library to his latest.
  • Fixed issue related to Taxonomies fields, on the first submission (on the post creation) their values were not being saved.
  • Fixed issue related to the values of Checkbox fields when they’re shown on the metabox that’s on the admin user edit screen.
  • Fixed issue on the fr_FR language file to avoid warnings on BuddyForms admin pages like eg Form Builder.
  • Fixed visual issue related with Taxonomies fields on the Admin Form Builder page.
  • Changed in notification system to allow global shortcodes as [site_name], [user_login], [published_post_link_html] to be used in fields like Subject, Email and Name.

2.5.28 – 18 Dec 2020

  • Fixed issue related to PHP code in the HTML of template files.
  • Fixed issue related with Featured Image and Dropzone library.

2.5.27 – 17 Dec 2020

  • Add a default page for submissions after enable the plugin.
  • Add labels to the default pages of BuddyForms to improve the user experience.
  • Fixed JS issue related to the feature image and upload form element not working properly.
  • Added Passive Feedback.

2.5.26 – 7 Dec 2020

  • Fixed duplicate Singular Name option on the Form Builder.
  • Fixed the Race Condition issue on Composer dependencies, now all the namespaces in our Composer dependencies are prefixed.
  • Add Portuguese translations with .mo and .po files provided by a customer.
  • Fixed the URL validation for required and non required Website field.
  • Fixed Website field getting value from WordPress cache and not database.
  • Fixed a CCS-issue by adding clearfix class on the form parent container to avoid containers without height.
  • Changed the redirection to the Form Wizard after enabling the plugin, now it will redirect to the Form Builder.
  • Removed several files and references related to the Form Wizard in the code, as a part of the progressive Form Wizard extinction.
  • Added localize strings (translatable strings) to the Suggestions and Warnings displayed on the Password field at the Front-end.
  • Updated the fields output.
  • Fixed default data for the users fields.
  • Removed the add template button from the metabox.
  • Fixed issue related to creation permission. Users without creation permission can’t create entries.
  • Added border and hover style on the Form Builder options.
  • Fixed tabs style on the Form Builder.
  • Updated the “Add a Form” process, it was improved to show first the template list.
  • Removed the stripe for the options on the Form Builder.
  • Added border to all tables and tabs outline.

2.5.25 – 18 Nov 2020

  • Fixed to show custom login links only for buddyforms.
  • Fixed a bug in forms using Elementor.
  • Improved compatibility issues with the Divi theme.
  • Improved Buddyforms Form Builder compatibility with TinyMCE plugins on admin Buddyforms pages.
  • Added a new Submission by author filter.
  • Fixed the visual issue with time picker (date form field).
  • Fixed to Prevent Firefox from maintaining previously selected items to ensure all selected items get showing.
  • Fixed the Invalid name attribute in post_excerpt when is a hidden field.
  • Fixed the Invalid “for” attribute (label) in post_excerpt when the labels are shown.
  • Fixed the GDPR Field Templates not loading when the plugin is activated.
  • Fixed the validation for the global variable before using it to replace the args variable.
  • Fixed the Nested ternary expressions (without parentheses) deprecated in PHP 7.4.
  • Fixed the Add min attribute to avoid negative values in Taxonomy Limit Selections.
  • Fixed the add template text to the GDPR when missing. 5208cb1c DESKTOP-5SDFPDV\marin marin250189@gmail.com Oct 13, 2020 at 1:04 AM
  • Fixed the Description font style.
  • Fixed notice in the post view when there are posts created from the admin and the options “List all Author Posts of the Post Type” and “List Style Table” are enabled.
  • Fixed to replace deprecated jQuery method “live” by “on”.
  • Fixed for the Submitted form override the slug in other forms when submitted on a page with several forms.
  • Fixed previous entry is overridden by the next one when submitted entries from several forms by-one-by on the same page.
  • Fixed to improve the Disable CSS for description option to disabled all the style-related with description if is enabled.
  • Fixed adding spacing on “form-type” meta-box.
  • Fixed issues in the query that gets the last auto-draft associate with the author and form.
  • Fixed to set full-width button on mobile only
  • Added to hidden fields new name option.
  • Fixed issue related with multi-form per page use case.
  • Added a new filter to catch postmeta before get saved on the form builder page submission.
  • Added a user satisfaction wizard to understand more the user and improve the product.
  • Updated Freemius library.

2.5.22 – 14 Sept 2020

  • Fix a code in a wrong position for the BF settings header.

2.5.21 – 30 Jul 2020

  • Fixed styles issue for the entries table.
  • Improved the bf-thickbox library.
  • Improve compatibility with PHP 7.4.
  • Fixed a typo code in the Bcc and Cc email headers.
  • Fixed to add “_bf_registration_user_id” post_meta before the buddyforms_update_post_meta hook.
  • Fixed in scroll validation.
  • Fixed validation in wp-editor (content) field.
  • Fixed Avoid themes hiding .bf_alert messages with less specific CSS rules.
  • Fixed Captcha V3 submission when ajax is not activated.
  • Fixed the case of empty field on the phone validation process.
  • Fixed when in a Custom row the sum of the width of all the fields in the row is greater than 100 the bf-start-row was not added and a js error was happening.
  • Improved the way localized strings are used in JS.
  • Fixed the tabs css class Incompatibility issue with third party plugins.
  • Fixed attributes assignation to hidden elements.
  • Added option to disabled select2 option for the dropdown.
  • Fixed for the custom classes wasn’t showing on the Upload field.
  • Fixed description size style.
  • Fixed font-size description.
  • Fixed password validation issue on page with multiples forms.
  • Fixed issue related to required fields validation on the Wizard.
  • Fixed to Autofill empty slugs and avoid duplicate ones on the Wizard.

2.5.20 – 9 Jun 2020

  • Fixed the header actions in the list of forms.
  • Fixed boostrap compatibility issue form-control class.
  • Fixed the ellipsis function to force to break the strings.
  • Improved Upload form element compatibility.
  • Fixed the hardcoded blank option on the dropdown and added a new settings to make it optional.
  • Improved the form styles.
  • Added compatibility with Divi.
  • Updating freemius.
  • Fixed style in dropdown.
  • Fixed the Category when it suppose to be hidden.
  • Fixed the conditional logic for the Form Builder to show the extra field group.
  • Improved compatibility for PHP 7.4.

2.5.19 – 17 May 2020

  • Fixed the issue related to the lost of osme core styles when the form builder was loaded.
  • Fixed validation message show in the direct input form builder wizzard.
  • Fixed the min and max lenght validation message not showing for the message field.
  • Fixed the add the valid phone number validation. Client and Server side validation.
  • Fixed the field slug missing for some Form Elements.
  • Fixed tje check All option on the permissions tab.
  • Fixed the CheckAll option to not check the disabled columns.
  • Updated the last version of jquery validation.
  • Fixed the override of the required method of jQuery validate to not lose the other methods.
  • Added form element output for all user form elements.
  • Fixed the Category assign for creating post with user form elements.
  • Formatting the code for the Phone Validation.
  • Fixed the issue related to the Form Element category not create categories when the entry is created.
  • Added form element output for all user form elements.
  • Moved the option Enable Login on the form to the Form submission tab inside the Form Setup metabox.
  • Fixed disable all the grid columns and rows on the permission tab when the free version is installed.
  • Fixed the captcha label.
  • Fixed the assign user to a post when the user is created during post submission.
  • Fixed the empty option for the DropDowns form Elements.
  • Improved the password hints.
  • Fixed the password strength score.
  • Added 2 hooks to avoid send user email activation to letting the use-case of manual activation form the user administration.
  • Fixed the multiple form submission trigger.
  • Fixed marketing wrong message.
  • Fixed the reCaptcha v3.
  • Fixed user form element to be included as hidden when they are setup to be hidden for logged in users.
  • Added a hook filter to force the html output of the form element metas.
  • Improved the styles for Dropdowns.
  • Fixed media buttons notice.
  • Fixed description position option for tag element.
  • Added own implementation of thickbox.
  • Fixed the user website field validation when not was correct.
  • Added a filter to let 3rd party extension change the form submission message.
  • Added a filter to let 3rd party extension change the submission link shortcode url.
  • Improved the styles of the dropdown and select2 form elements.
  • Added a new user Form Element to handle the user display option. Thanks to a contribution from Marco Massari Calderone marco@marcomc.com
  • Improved the email notification to let 3rd party extension to extend the email templates.
  • Fixed the form validation for not logged in user.
  • Fixed the style issue in the form builder.

2.5.18 – 23 March 2020

  • Fixed the permission tab style for the wizard.
  • Removed deprecated option label button from the featured image field.
  • Added composer instructions to the readme for the case somebody use the plugin from the repository.
  • Updated the readme tags.
  • Improved the function to get all pages excluding the pages from global settings.
  • Improved the shortcodes processing from a string and they now are able to process shortcode attributes.
  • Moved the field Country and State Form Element to the Extra section.
  • Updated the user related fields to include the option to be hide for logged in users.
  • Added styles for disabled inputs.
  • Added a restriction to the user_login Form Element due to a WordPress restriction updating the username.
  • Fixed the password strength option.

2.5.17 – 17 March 2020

  • Fixed the duplicate labels for the Category, Tag and Taxonomy form element.
  • Fixed the template system to show the parent page and not duplicate the content.
  • Added a reste option for the marketing popups.
  • Added a marketing popup to show an offer to free and trial clients.
  • Added the localization files.
  • Added compatibility with reCaptcha.
  • Fixed the global dashboard to get the correct form-slug from the current entry.
  • Fixed the Gutenberg navigation to use the correct labels.
  • Improved the Gutenberg block to show submission filter by current user.
  • Fixed the default page for manage the submission to keep selected when the user select a template.
  • Fixed the Gutenberg block to publish a form.

2.5.16 – 6 March 2020

  • Fixed the string localization for the Feature Image and Upload Form Element.
  • Improved the compatibility with LOCO translate.
  • Fixed the encoding for the email notifications to make it compatible with hebrew.
  • Fixed the min/max validation JS messages.
  • Fixed the After Submission option to show a page content in the correct way.

2.5.15 – 5 March 2020

  • Fixed the Test email Notification empty body for the Change Status email notifications.
  • Fixed the page submission with content.
  • Fixed the server validation for the Content Form element.
  • Fixed the server validation for the Taxonomy, Category and Tags Form element.
  • Fixed the styles for the Dropdown, Taxonomy, Category and Tags Form element.
  • Fixed add the mp3/audio file type to the Upload field.
  • Added the Affiliation menu option to bring new ambassadors for BuddyForms.
  • Fixed the JS error for invalid date when the field was not required and it not have value.
  • Fixed the registration form error messages.
  • Fixed the missing Date assets for the Schedule Status Form Element.
  • Fixed the double label for the Post Excerpt and Textarea Form Elements.
  • Improve compatibility with SendGrid email provider.
  • Fixed the Link Form Element.
  • Fixed the select2 to use the full version.
  • Fixed the dropdown and autocomplete Form Element to show correctly in the popups.
  • Fixed the template system, it was not detecting well when the site had another language.
  • Fixed the error placement for the Content Form Element.
  • Code improvement.
  • Added a new parameter $customfield with the field options to the hook filter buddyforms_form_element_add_field.
  • Fixed the default value of the email notification option mail to, by default is the admin option.
  • Added a new parameter $form_slug to the hook action buddyforms_update_post_meta.
  • Fixed the error placement for the requirement form elements.
  • Removed the recently added styles for the dropdown and select2 form Elements.
  • Fixed the language loader.
  • Updated the Spanish language.
  • Fixed styles for files types in the upload form element.
  • Fixed a nonce issue.
  • Fixed the style of the HTML form element.
  • Fixed the issue related to the registration page selected in the Setting.
  • Fixed the styles of the input override by BuddyPress.

2.5.14 – 11 Feb 2020

  • Fixed the mail notification functionality.
  • Fixed the login redirection to return to the same form after login over a form.
  • Improved the permission table.
  • Fixed notice error.
  • Improved the post_excerpt to show the ellipsis … when the content is visualized.
  • Fixed the Date Form Element error for invalid format when a time was included in the element.
  • Fixed the style of the circle in the list of post in the frontend.
  • Fixed the permissions for draft, create and edit.
  • Fixed the state of the permission when they get changed.
  • Removed the option to enabled the draft, now is direct from the permission.
  • Removed the draft option from the Form Action element.
  • Improved the Form Action options to show the button by default and the options only disabled them.
  • Added a popup modal to the Add-ons page to direct the user to the TK Bundle offer.
  • Fixed the option After Form submission, it was not removing the draft button on specific permission use case.
  • Fixed the draft permission.
  • Fixed the Label on the Range element and to remove the validation tab from the Range Field.
  • Improved the compatibility with gutenberg and the Form Element option to show as a metabox when the Post is edited.

2.5.13 – 28 Jan 2020

  • Fixed the dependency error from a BuddyPress function bp_get_signup_slug.
  • Moved the Form submit JS action to the same form onsubmit where the form is render to give more priority.
  • Fixed the required validation for the Post Excerpt Form Element.
  • Removed the Error box above the form when the error are process by the server. Now they will appear in each Form Element using the same error placement from JS.
  • Fixed the permission change when the form switch from Contact to Post Form type for the free version.
  • Fixed the Registration Settings functionality.
  • Fixed for the email shortcode insert helper.
  • Fixed the textarea validation.
  • Fixed the issue related to the taxonomy field not letting create or search for a tag.

2.5.12 – 18 Jan 2020

  • Fixed the message for the required gdpr form element.
  • Added a $form_slug parameter to hook filter where the form elements are added to JS.
  • Fixed an issue related with the shortcode to output the form and a hide element echo out of the context.
  • Fixed the auto-generate content option for the textarea form element.
  • Added a helper class to handled mail utf8 encoding.
  • Added a test option to try the Form Notifications.
  • Added a hook filter (buddyforms_test_email) to change the test email receiver.
  • Added a hook to change the Redirect.. string after a form is submit with ajax.
  • Fixed the auto generate option for the form elements post excerpt, post title, textarea and post content.
  • Fixed the styles for the date form element * Improved the date format validation for the date form element.
  • Added invalid format error message option to the Date Form Element.

2.5.11 – 18 Jan 2020

  • Fixed the validation issue when the form not have any invalid fields.
  • Added a hook to extend the form classes.

2.5.10 – 18 Jan 2020

  • Added the shortcode helper for the submission notification.
  • Shortcode helper now is compatible with tinymce.
  • Added filters to tweak the email headers, buddyforms_email_headers_priority,buddyforms_email_headers_mime_version, buddyforms_email_headers_content_type and buddyforms_email_headers_content_transfer_encoding.
  • Added a filter to extend the email body buddyforms_email_body.
  • Improved the UTF-8 encoding of the email body.
  • Fixed the email option to let the user send only email to custom.
  • Added error messages for invalid email, min/max value and length. Now is possible to translate this messages from the field options.
  • Improved the styles for the dropdown and the select related form elements.
  • Fixed the functionality to schedule post. Thanks to @Azila92 to report it.
  • Fixed the Contact form is not applying the permission new logic when the form is loaded the first time.
  • Added the option to upload images from URL inside the Upload form element.
  • Fixed the form templates, now they are loaded from a new website.
  • Improved the templates system and connected to a new services.
  • Fixed the notice in the chrome console about field with the same id.
  • Fixed the duplicate label for the textarea elements.
  • Added a JS hook to let 3rd party Addons handle the form submission like BuddyForms ACF.
  • Improved the bf login form to include the form slug related.
  • Improved the redirect after login to execute by 3rd party extensions when the form is not a registration form.
  • Fixed the redirection of the bf login when a form is for logged user only, in this case will be redirect to the same form page.
  • Added a function to output a list of pages with his child included.
  • Added styles for the login block.
  • Fixed the border of the form.
  • Improved the nonce function to generate nonce for logged out users.
  • Updated form element styles to have a minimum height.
  • Fixed the textarea to include the description.
  • Started the process to add a helper section at the bottom of the places where the shortcodes of the form elements can be used to be replaced by the values. Like the email notifications.
  • Fixed the user related field to be saved form any form and load the related user meta if the user is logged in.
  • Added a filter hook (buddyforms_element_attribute) to customize the form elements before render it.
  • Added a Date format validation.
  • Avoided collision of the date element style with other plugins with jquery-ui.
  • Added the create date of the license to the inbound marketing process.
  • Refactored the class BF_Error to BuddyForms_Error to avoid class collision.
  • Fixed issue in the State element not including the correct field value.
  • Added form_slug parameter to internal hook to include assets from extensions.
  • Code improved to avoid the issue with BF_Error class.
  • Start the inbound marketing development process.
  • Added a hook to extend form output templates from 3rd party addons.
  • Fixed bug related to the shortcode and the way to override the output template.
  • Added the ellipsis to the title and content form elements output in the submissions and frontend table, to avoid break the views when the content is too big.
  • Fixed the issue of the form element loading the values when the form was in create mode.

2.5.9 – 14 Dec 2019

  • Fixed the global style to include before the error messages.
  • Fixed to show the user defined error message for the GDPR field.
  • Fixed the permission for the Entries list action button now the hooks are compatible with the uses in other addons and the core plugin.
  • Hooks changes buddyforms_user_can_edit, buddyforms_user_can_all and buddyforms_user_can_delete using the next params, 1st boolean if the user can edit, 2nd the form slug and 3er the post id.
  • Updated the function buddyforms_get_form_slug_by_post_id to get the correct form_slug base on the global default form base on the post type.
  • New shortcode to count how may time a field appear with value in the post-meta table. [bf_meta_key_count slug="user_first" form-slug="test-contact-form-with-user-at-the-same-time"]
  • Improved compatibility with the last version of BuddyPress.
  • Updated the way to show PRO fields to the Free plan users.
  • Added the permission tab for the contact form.
  • Enabled the Contact form to use the permission all submission for specific roles. So the user can check the entries from different users.
  • Removed the create account option for the template basic post field.
  • Fixed the textarea style for the form designer.
  • Improved compatibility with WP 5.3.
  • Updated the code to check the user permission.
  • Updated the form field element option name by label.
  • Fixed the Bio field to include the required signal and the description, also to make the correct validation.
  • Improved compatibility with Elementor.